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Android Jelly Bean Has Been revealed For Samsung Galaxy S2
Samsung’s waited Android 4.1.2 based Jelly Bean update finally comes for GT-I9100 Galaxy S2 and this update has started to provide in Spain.

Samsung Galaxy S2 users had waited for a long time Android 4.1.2 jelly bean with a big excitement. Finally new update for Samsung Galaxy S2 has been started to distribute in Spain. Samsung chosen Spain in its last update instead Poland.

This update was considered where IFA 2012 to be revealed in end of the summer but it was postponed to February. Samsung will start to distribute update one week earlier on 23th of January. Users who have been waiting the update must be happy with this surprise.

Galaxy S2 is one of the most sold phones of Samsung has started to get new update through OTA in Spain. If there are no any bad surprise in ROM, the update will reach to all over the world in one month.

According to News update’s, final version that had been leaked since November has an alteration in its memory segmentation. Before 2GB for applications  13 GB for general using had been separated but with new update 3 GB for applications and 11 GB is for general using. Its means 1gb storage area is given to Applications to use.

Galaxy S2 will have Samsung’s last generation TouchWiz Nature interface and also will have smart stand by, direct calling, Pop Up Play and new sensor movements. Galaxy S2 will give an incredible using ecperiences to the its users with its new update and with new features.


Also Galaxy S2 will meet Google Now, Project Butter, 60 FPS speed interface, renewed Google Softwares that have come with new Jelly Bean update.

To install new update: Download the ROM from this link and start your phone in Download Mode.

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