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Betaworks Digs Under Sofa Cushions, Finds Change, Buys Digg

 Accorting to last news about digg, it was sold to New York tech firm Betaworks for a lower price than it was worth. Many people think that it was given away. In 2008 rumored to be worth 200 million Dollars to Google but Digg had remained independent since 2008 untill it was sold. New York tech firm Betaworks is paying $500.000. Betaworks will get  Digg's technology,brand and website. To pay $500.000 dolars for digg which raised $45 million is a good deal.

Let's take a look  what is the digg and what were they doing. Digg was founded afew months after facebook in 2004  Kevin Rose and Jay Adelson. Digg is still getting unique visitors maybe more than 16 million in a month. But digg cant drive the direction of the net’s interest as before it did.

The site had stumbled a lot of times and lost its advantage over its rivals websites such as Reddit and Slashdot. The Reason was to loose its advantages over rival sites is trying to remake the way that visitors could vote stories down or up.
At start up Digg had a  few people and low budget bat very fast cycle. But how could it be possible. Read and share stories that is talking about in internet right now.
In 2006 (August), Digg's founder, Kevin Rose was on the cover of BusinessWeek

In Same year Digg was declerated as 24th most populer site in the USA. Estimated value of Digg was $60m



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