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Itwas first reported by AppleInsider that Apple was granted a patentlast week that details new technology that would change an iPhone'sfalling side when it enters free fall. The aim of this new technologywould obviously be to change the falling angle to turn it around awayfrom the screen to protect it and sensitive inner components.

Built-intechnology would be able to determine the point of impact when thephone is in freefall and then shift the phones center of gravity tosave iPhone users to decide to ditch or get their iPhones fixed at ahefty price. This technology would work by using the phones internalvibration motor and various processors. The vibration motor wouldchange the area of the device's mass to have it rotate to the saferside before impact and can work in tandem with the phone's sensorssuch as its accelerometers and gyroscopes, to monitor the phonescurrent angle, even before free fall.

This patent could alsomake for some other, more wacky patents from Apple such as animplementation that could make a falling iPhone to firmly connect toor eject headphones when the phone enters free fall. The patent alsooutlines a strange "thrust mechanism" that uses a gascan-like object to change the phone's orientation, but this detailwas brief and more is not known.

It is common for majorcompanies such as Apple to file patents for every idea that has evena glimmer of any importance; it certainly does not mean that thisimplementation will come to iPhones soon, if it ever does that is.

Thelatest iPhone 6 models use a different motor than the one describedin the patent, details AppleInsider. That patent details a motorwhich resembles the ones in older iPhones, so the idea might not evenbe feasible for the newer phone models. But who knows? Anti-breakingiPhones might be a thing in the future.

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