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Skype which is Microsoft’s client has mainly put it’sfocus on voice and video calls. However with the increase in mobilesit has begun placing its attention in instant messaging. Skype tookcontrol of MSN Messenger, and recently picked up some updates tobetter improve its non-reliable chat experience across multipledevices. Today, Microsoft is bringing a fresh look to Skype for Macand Windows. If you know of the brand new Skype or iPhone interface,you will feel that this newest version of Skype fort he desktop isvery familiar.

There’sa new bubblyesque chat design, along with thumbnail pictures ofcontacts and large bold icons for chat and video and audio calls.It’s a lot more in harmony with the overall look of the mobileclients for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, but it also brings withit some improvements in chat. Photos will now be displayed fullyinline, and the UI on Windows has been cleaned up to remove spacingbetween contacts and chats. In a whole, file sharing has greatlyimproved with related icons for document types like Word and PDFs tomake it simpler to see attachments that are in a conversation.

Wecan say the biggest changes are the little ones that are made tobetter improve daily use of Skype. On the Mac side there’s a newside-by-side design for voice or video calls, enabling you to stillshare photos or instant messages while you remain on a call. Skype’sinterface on Mac was rather difficult for transferring betweeninstant messaging and calls, forcing you to hit a + button to getback to chats. The icons now make a lot more sense so there’s noneed to look around the interface. The group video calls also workmuch better with this redesign.

TodayMicrosoft is launching Skype for Mac 7.0 along with the redesign,although the company is only previewing the changes in design on theWindows side. Both clients are available for immediate download atSkype’s Windows preview and Mac download pages.

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