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Site İnfo

cp.sk Information

cp.sk was first crated on 2012-09-14.
The site’s up time is 284 ms
Alexa Rank : 1807972
Meta Information / www.cp.sk
CP - Vlaky + Autobusy - Vyhľadanie spojenia
Meta Keywords
  • idos
  • cestovné poriadky
  • doprava
  • vlaky
  • autobusy
  • mhd
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Page Speed
Website Page Speed / www.cp.sk
Ping Time

Ping Time : 284

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Html Size
HTML Size Information / www.cp.sk
28 kb
HTML Compressed Size
24 kb
HTML Text Size
5 kb
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HTML Information / www.cp.sk
www.cp.sk character sets was used as utf-8.
Site Code Type
  • css
used as.
HTML Version
www.cp.sk HTML version was used as html5
Site Cache
www.cp.sk cache not using.
Site Responsive
www.cp.sk responsive application not using.
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Charset :ASCII was the first character encoding standard (also called character set). ASCII defined 127 different alphanumeric characters that could be used on the internet: numbers (0-9), English letters (A-Z), and some special characters like ! $ + - ( ) @ < > .ANSI (Windows-1252) was the original Windows character set, with support for 256 different character codes.

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www.cp.sk / Alexa Statistics
Alexa Rank : 1807972
Alexa Most Search Queries
  • cp.sk4846 %
  • www.cp.sk2625 %
  • cp1457 %
  • cp spojenie157 %
  • cestovné poriadky104 %
  • cestovny poriadok79 %
  • cestovný poriadok73 %
  • .cp.sk36 %
  • www cp.sk33 %
  • cp spojenia31 %
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Google Statistics / www.cp.sk
Google PageRank
www.cp.sk website's Google PageRank is 0.
Google Analytic
www.cp.sk'da Analytic using. We recommend to use google analytic for see statistics.
Information : google.com is the worlds highest profiting search engine and is the biggest source of user support with its many projects and developments.

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    • Traffic sources
  • Audience view
    • A retrospective view of all user entries and data
    • Desktop, Tablet and Mobile entries to your site
  • User Acquisition
  • User Behavior
And many more statistics and content.

Social Media - Facebook / www.cp.sk
Information : By sharing the content of your site on the above platform, your site becomes part of social media and you can drive more traffic to your site.
www.cp.sk / Whois Information
Create Date : 2012-09-14
Information : This shows the information regarding the date that you bought your domain name and its expiry date.
www.cp.sk / Archive.org Information
First Record : 1922-05-09
Information : archive.org is a not-for-profit organisation which archives the old versions of websites from all over the world for people to access. You can find your old site designs from this site.
Earth Geo Information (new) / www.cp.sk
Country Traffic Share Change Avg. Visit Pages / Visit Bounce Rate
Czech Republic3,7-2,8,61368,8
United States4,40%6,93077,3
United Kingdom3,1-6,2771086,2
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  • w ww.cp.sk 13,156%-506
  • ww w.cp.sk 3,276%-126
  • www .cp.sk 12,298%-473
  • www. cp.sk 5,356%-206
  • www..cp.sk 2,366%-91
  • web.mail.cp.sk 3,744%-144
  • smtp.cp.sk 18,304%-704
  • httpwww.cp.sk 22,490%-865
  • http.www.cp.sk 10,088%-388
  • htp.cp.sk 16,302%-627
  • httpcp.sk 0,442%-17
  • ftp.cp.sk 2,704%-104
  • htp:/cp.sk 2,028%-78
  • htp.www.cp.sk 2,756%-106
  • htttp://cp.sk 15,262%-587
  • http/cp.sk 11,284%-434
  • http:/cp.sk 6,76%-260
  • http/cp.sk 14,482%-557
  • http./cp.sk 24,544%-944
  • http:cp.sk 23,66%-910
  • htpp:/cp.sk 8,424%-324
  • https.www.cp.sk 2,756%-106
  • wwwwwcp.sk 18,902%-727
  • https:cp.sk 24,050%-925
  • www/cp.sk 5,278%-203
  • ww.w.cp.sk 20,306%-781
  • comcp.sk 9,671%-509
  • ,comcp.sk 2,394%-126
  • :comcp.sk 5,7%-300
  • .omcp.sk 14,592%-768
  • .domcp.sk 4,636%-244
  • .fomcp.sk 14,896%-784
  • .vomcp.sk 13,452%-708
  • .xomcp.sk 12,901%-679
  • .cmcp.sk 14,668%-772
  • .c0mcp.sk 2,508%-132
  • .c9mcp.sk 11,096%-584
  • .cimcp.sk 16,302%-858
  • .ckmcp.sk 16,986%-894
  • .clmcp.sk 9,633%-507
  • .cpmcp.sk 12,958%-682
  • .cocp.sk 2,622%-138
  • .cojcp.sk 9,082%-478
  • .cokcp.sk 12,236%-644
  • .concp.sk 7,847%-413
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